Data Engineering

FFS helps our customers understand and solve complex challenges like supply chain optimization, cybersecurity and enhanced outcomes in healthcare, realize significant cost savings and build self-sustaining internal analytics, business intelligence, data warehouse, advanced data visualization, data mining and advanced analytics capabilities.



  • Big Data– We manage large, complex volumes of structured and unstructured customer data along with a variety of data platform technologies, while understanding that data platforms must integrate with existing technology environment and organizational skill sets.  We build the right data platform or optimize an existing one to solve the most important data business needs.  FFS is technology agnostic to develop a data platform encompassing logical and physical data architecture and security. We assess and recommend the best technology tools to use based on customer specific requirements.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting- We extract customer data from the staging database, transform, and load (ETL) into a presentation tier in the architecture that contains appropriate structures for optimized multidimensional and analytical queries.  Allowing the unlocking of business value for informed and enhanced decision-making.
  • Advanced Analytics– We apply industry leading commercial analytics software coupled with open-source and programming languages to develop tailored analytic algorithms and advanced data visualizations to deliver impactful insights and business value of customer data in areas of healthcare, civilian and intelligence community.