Agile Digital Transformation

FFS uses Agile methods across all our Business and IT service engagements to deliver high quality software and infrastructure support with a DevOps mindset. Being responsive and adaptable to changing business needs is essential and we incorporate agile and organizational transformation techniques into our program management, governance, and agile coaching practices.


  • Software Development & Sustainment– We support all facets of the software development lifecycle (development, testing, deployment) for software and infrastructure as code projects in addition to post-deployment sustainment of operations. Our agile approach is integrated into ITIL/ITSM practices and tailors to established customer lifecycles to ensure compliance with Federal agency-specific standards and guidelines.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure– Infrastructure supports development, delivery and operations and we manage infrastructure as code using our Agile/DevOps philosophy and practices. Physical and virtual infrastructure activities become backlog items for our teams to prioritize and address.
  • User Centered Design– We focus on user needs and interactions balanced with business objectives across all services FFS provides.  We utilize visual requirements gathering and design/development techniques and ensure regular user feedback sessions are conducted as the product evolves towards production deployment.